Saturday, November 12, 2005

show show show

It's after the last show in Seattle and things could not be nicer out here. This is in fact the verdict on Seattle: a really really nice town. It's on the water, always good for the body and soul even if it is way too cold to swim in most of the time, it's nestled between a couple of ranges of purple mountains majesty, not to mention Tahoma the big old mountain, also known by its slave name, Ranier. There is great food and good culture and really really nice people everywhere. And green green ever so green. There is a rich, potting-soil smell to much of the town and moss grows freely in the places that people don't step too much. And I believe the moist weather to be good for the complexion. There are many reasons to like Seattle.

The shows have gone well and we have been sold out, which is always a nice vote of confidence from the viewing public. We continue to make small changes and adjustments to the performance each night to fulfill Marianne's quest for perfection. Between Dick's burgers, fries and shakes and the oh-so excellent coffee drinks of Caffe Ladro up the street from the theatre, we go fueled in body into the process of tweaking every day before the show.

Did I explain that part to you? Forgive me if my decaf-addled brain has misplaced the fact that I already went over this part of the process but I will recap. When we are out on tour with the show, we must adjust it accordingly to each space we inhabit. They are all different and things like sight lines and acoustics have a lot of variation from venue to venue. So, there is the process of tailoring the show to each space, sound, lights and visual-wise. Then once we are actually doing the show, Marianne and James will watch the thing and get new ideas about how it can be better. Then the day after the show, we have notes on the betterment process and then we try and apply the notes to the show in rehearsals before the show that night. The show is a growing organism, and like a bourbon-eating fruitcake, must be "fed" with new ideas and energy until it reaches maturity. We are getting there and have thankfully left the ugly teenager phase way behind us. It's looking good, friends.

But hey, come see for yourself at one of our upcoming venues. See the SUPER VISION web site for touring details: and come visit us when we hit your town.

OK, gotta go to sleep now. It's been a long week of art.



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