Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mall of america

This is Stewart. He is our designer. He designed both the sets and costumes. That's how they do it over in Europe. Stewart is European, though from this photo, he blends in seamlessly with the scenery at Camp Snoopy. Stewart had to leave us today and we are all sad to see him go as his quiet-but-deadly wit kept us going jauntily along through the rehearsal and premiere process. Farewell Stewart, we'll see you back in Brooklyn in six weeks or so.

No trip to Minneapolis would be complete without a visit to the Mall of America and today before Stewart left on a jet plane, he, Marianne, James, Rizwan and Tanya made the trek to go to see the world's largest mall. It was apparently everything one could expect from the world's largest mall, and more. Stewart got to ride on a roller coaster for the first time in his life. He may be European, but he is apparently nonetheless, sheltered. I am so envious! I have taken many a roller coaster ride and I can't even recall the first one I went on. But Stewart now has the indelible life experience of not only going on his first roller coaster INDOORS, but also his first coaster ride was right next to the food court of the world's largest mall! The Cyclone at Coney island barely holds a candle to this experience.

But it wasn't all just Camp Snoopy for the day. There was also the ostensibly main attraction, shopping. Tee shirts were bought and Macy's-parade-balloon-sized cinnamon buns were ingested and various other retail experiences were had. One store sold only bean bag chairs. There were four Gaps: Baby Gap, Kids Gap, Men's Gap and regular Gap. I feel like the Gap needs its own Gap, the Gap Gap for people who have been raised from birth on the Gap system and qualify for a higher level of commitment to the Gap lifestyle. It is only a matter of time before we have Elder Gap for the aging boomers like myself to buy stylish-yet-comfy plushy track suits. But enough about the Gap.

Show has gone well and we are all pretty dang happy with it, I'd say. The final performance for the Walker is tomorrow night and then it's back home for all of us, until we meet up again in Columbus, OH at the Wexner Center.

Until then, I will report on company matters as well as my own usual flights of fancy. Stay tuned.



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