Wednesday, September 21, 2005

today's builder is..

name: Kate Stannard
job: assistant director
height: 5'2"
computer: Apple powerbook G4
What makes you a Builder? "I guess I'm the token English girl. Everyone needs one. Plus, my ability to be an 8 year old boy, a 40 year old man and a 60 year old grandma in the same day."
favorite thing about working with the Builders: "the people"
snack food of choice: naughty- yogurt covered pretzels nice-"I eat a lot of apples. An apple a day and all that."

Today the bridge was tidy! It's like somebody walked along and cleaned up and picked up all the trash. And changed the bags in the garbage cans that are improbably up there. That was in the morning but by my ride home in the early evening, the trash had come back. Not a lot but a Bud can in a paper bag and a random plastic bodega sack. Still a gorgeous ride home.

Spent the day today doing the infamous cue to cue rehearsal, where we go from one cue to the next, as the name implies. Usually this is a rather tedious day spent in the theatre but I must say I was feeling no pain and felt fortunate that I did not have to put on my makeup or costume. It got all humid and nasty again here in New York and it felt really sweaty in there again. Moist brownie, as Tanya would say.

The little showing of three scenes we did yesterday provoked a lot of encouraging feedback and that is good. Way better than discouraging feedback.

And today was James' birthday so at the end of the day we raised a glass (plastic deli cups, really) of champagne to celebrate the genius that is Mr. Gibbs. That's right, he is not just another pretty face but has the brains to back it up. I am so pleased that I have gotten to work with him on this show. He is a first rate person.

Happy birthday, James!

I remain bloggily yours,


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