Tuesday, September 06, 2005

make up, revisited

I was off for most of the day today, as other things were being worked on. I showed up at 5:00 to meet once again with my personal stylist Dick. Dick is a lovely fellow and a real honest-to-god genius with makeup. He does makeup for models and fancy people who want to look younger and more fabulous and my character is somewhat of an inverse situation, as he is trying to make me look old and anti-fabulous. Maybe not anti, but just regular.

We played around with my base color and accent colors and eye, cheek and lip colors, trying to find that balance for an older lady from the mandatory makeup era, who has maybe lost touch somewhat with modern standards of beauty. It is really fun and I have not done such intense makeup for a long long time. I looks scary in the light of day but under the beautiful stage lights of Allen Hahn and with the forgiving lens of the video camera and Dick's expert guidance, it is looking very very convincing. Very fun and very theatrical. I hope I can maintain this regime throughout the run of the show, as I am a notorious non-makeup person in real life. Anything for my art.

I did not take the bridge today, as I was already on the subway in the city and continued on out to Brooklyn. Not much to report on the train. The usual supersaturated pee smell in the 2nd Ave station that takes me back to the olden days of New York, before the Disney Store and the Warner Brothers store and the Hershey's store took up residence in 42nd Street. And now there is this new thing where the cops can search your backpacks and bags on the train or in the station. I prefer to be free on the bridge, where "the fuzz" can't go through my stuff.

see ya folks,


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