Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the day after the second day

Here it is, my commuter's view of the Manhattan Bridge. See, I live in Manhattan and I ride my bike to work in the mornings over this path. It is really nice, I gotta say. I feel very special that I get to live in this incredible city and do stuff like ride across its bridges on my bike. Even after living here the better part of the last 25 years, I still love the place.

The reason why I bring up the bridge and its path is that I have noticed in just a few crossings back and forth, that a certain amount of activity besides commuting goes on on this bridge. I can tell this because there are traces of said activities left behind. This morning, for example, there was a half eaten whole wheat bagel in the middle of the pathway, on the Manhattan side. I spent the rest of the bridge wondering how that bagel got there and why, why, why was it there. If any readers out there have an idea about this mysterious bagel, please feel free to let me know. Puzzling bagels and all, it is a fine commute and I can get from my apartment to the space in about 25 minutes. More on my commute later.

Spent yesterday reading through the script again and talking through it, while we all sat around the big table and swatted flies. Yes, there is a fly issue. The doors are open for ventilation and the wild fauna feel free to visit us. I try to direct the flies to the Jacques Torres chocolate factory down the block where the pickins are most certainly better than my lunch crumbs, but they do not speak my language apparently. Anyway, we read and talked through the show again and people threw out ideas and Marianne and James elaborated on what the stage directions indicate is supposed to happen. All very exciting.

Today we began staging scenes, very roughly and inserting the animations, sonic landscape and video. I think it looks incredible so far and we've only just begun to live, as Karen Carpenter would say. It is so great to be in the rehearsal room and have all the designers there all the time and to have the people who the actors usually meet during "tech week" at the very end, there and creating their cues in juxtaposition to the actions and movements of the piece. It's amazing, all of this gorgeous content, and I know it takes a village to make it all happen. Wait until you see it!

More on this and other matters later.

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