Saturday, August 20, 2005

end of the first week

OK, people!

We have come to the end of week one of rehearsals. We are on schedule, thanks to perseverance on the part of everyone to get through the script and roughly block out the major movements for the actors, scenery, props, video, sound score and lunch habits.

I mention lunch movements because as I mentioned in an earlier post, DUMBO is a neighborhood that is becoming a neighborhood. Not a whole lot of folks lived down here, though it offers spectacular sweeping views of Manhattan's east side and the river, until the last say 5 years. Yes, there are old timers who still must run from the landlord and pretend that they don't "live" in their zoned-manufacturing lofts, but the major influx of dwellers has been in the last five years. This presents a peculiar problem. A neighborhood where there are not yet people services but people are living there. For instance, there is no grocery store. And this is where lunch comes in. There are two delis, a pizza joint, a couple of restaurants and Grimaldi's pizza (excellent pie, by the way) within walking distance. We New Yorkers are used to having a lot of option for our midday meal and the 2-deli situation is troubling for me. There is always Jacques and his chocolate world down the block I suppose.

Anyway, the first week has gone swimmingly and despite the heat, we press on and make great headway in getting the piece on its feet. It can walk now! Yes, they are baby steps it takes but it does have legs, as we say in show biz.

Today on the bridge I saw several tall boy cans of Bud. One was still strangely hooked to its plastic six-pack thingy, but had been drunk. Party on the bridge! I guess you go for the view? And there is a little bit of a breeze up there, though it mostly comes from the D train going by on days like these.

bon weekend,


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