Monday, September 05, 2005

chicken on the bridge

OK, now it is getting spooky.

I'm not lying to you people when I say that this evening on the way home to Manhattan, I saw a black plastic bag like you would get at a corner store and sticking out of it were two chicken feet that were, I imagine, connected to the chicken that was inside the bag. A real chicken! What is that about? Does it have to do with some religious ritual that I am not familiar with? A sacrifice to the bridge gods? Someone's stray dinner? Or did the chicken have a heart attack and die while walking across and some kind soul "buried" it in all they could find, a plastic bag? What is up with the chicken?

Today was all about the family scenes. David Pence, Kyle deCamp and their son, played by various incredible pieces of technology. They are a kooky household, let me tell you. I do not want to spoil it for the audience but I will say that they have a beautiful home as rendered by the d-box team of animation specialists. I will introduce you to the animation crew as soon as I can get a picture of them. They are hidden from view of most of us, as they are in their little animation crow's nest, surrounded by computers that generate a lot of heat. They have an air conditioner, but it does not much condition their air. But they are troopers and are patiently turning out the animation brilliance under the guidance of James.

If someone can tell me about the chicken, I would appreciate it.

McNuggetly Yours,


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