Sunday, September 04, 2005

day off!

It is Sunday, and it is a day off. I am thankful, Yesterday was a short one for me, as I was only called for four hours. There was a lot of stuff to do that did not have to do with me and though I found this reality ego-crushing, I sucked it up and was professional about it all.

Let me explain about the chihuahua above. That is Poirrot, the official mascot of SUPER VISION. Why is she the official mascot? Because Poirrot has very big eyes as you can tell from her fetching photograph and we figure if anyone is going to have supervision, it's going to be her. Poirrot is quite a creature. What she lacks in teeth, she makes up for in ferocious growling that sounds roughly like a human sneeze. She is sweet and approachable except when food is nearby and she is eating it or thinking of eating it and then her protective chihuahua nature comes out. She is very comfortable around the space and goes to her place in the front row and watches the show and naps. She belongs to Tanya's brother so she especially pays attention to Tanya's times on stage. As our mascot, she is seeking to rehabilitate the chihuahua image that was demonically planted in the US pop culture psyche by that horrible Taco Bell ad campaign a few years ago. Poirrot is a creature of great dignity and could give a hoot about chalupas. She's high art, people and you will be hearing more about Poirrot.

Today on the bridge I saw the sleeping man again. This time he was not near the subway tracks but was right next to the off-ramp into Manhattan. Sound asleep! I will take a picture at some point so you can see what I mean when I say it must be like sleeping on a median strip. To each his own.

Hope you are having a nice weekend everyone.



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