Wednesday, September 07, 2005

latecomers will not be seated...

A terrible thing happened this morning. I thought that I did not have to be at rehearsal and so I did not go to the warehouse. Doh! Ela, our trusty stage manager, left several messages on my home machine that ranged from puzzled to concerned about my safety. Marianne also called, giving the whole incident of my stupidity the stamp of official disbelief. How could I have not realized? Oh well, I didn't and did manage to get myself there once I had realized the error of my cognitive process. I jumped on Big Black Bike and tore ass across the bridge, observing nothing on the way.

Spent the part of the day I managed to show up for working on the Jen and Grandma scenes. Adding new visuals all the time and trying to weave the story through them. Tanya, my human cohort in the scenes, plays a lovely granddaughter and if there was some way for me to really become this Sri Lankan lady and be her granny, I would take up the job in a heartbeat. Alas, I will have to settle for being her video stage grandma. Sigh. We are having a fun time working together in the crazy world of the elderly relative and the super tech-savvy modern gal.

Tanya is teaching me some Tamil to say in the scene and that is fun. It all makes me want to go to Sri Lanka one of these days. Must wait until it's not summer anymore though. I think it is hot here and I think I do not even know what hot is, compared to the subcontinent.

so long for now,


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