Friday, September 16, 2005

meet a Builder!

name: Kyle Decamp (not pictured)

job: performer
height: 5' 5 1/2"
computer: Apple Titanium G4. Cat ripped off keyboard, resulting in dates from 19th century

What makes you a builder?: "1993 maybe, god. Marianne Weems and Jeff Webster approached me and asked if I wanted to do Master Builder with them. The rest is history."

favorite thing about the Builders: "Working in a room full of extremely competant people."

snack food of choice: "Moe's midday Baked Lays Potato Chips"

This is Kyle. She plays Carol, wife of John and mother of John Jr. She has been in several Builders' shows and was most recently seen in Alladeen in fabulous Champagne-Urbana, Illinois. She rides her bike across the bridge too.

Today we ran through the show. It was exciting to see it take more shape, layer upon layer like some crazy digitally delicious cake. I am all makeup makeup and that is an interesting challenge given the intense heat situation. My costume is 200% polyester (washes up good and dries fast on the road), my wig is human hair and my face is now covered with the new added feature of latex, for that old 'n' crinkly look that screams granny. So, essentially I am encased in plastic from head to toe. And it is really really hot in New York now. Did I mention that? All the tropical storm activity is shoving these humid air massses our way and though it seems like rain should happen any minute, it never really comes through to clear things out. They predict it will be cooler and dryer by Sunday but are "they" ever right? Meanwhile, we all hydrate ourselves like crazy (that means drinking water and sports beverages) and some have even taken to carrying towels for swabbing of the brow.

Saw a pair of Hanes crew socks on the bridge today. Hmmm.

more later,


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