Wednesday, September 21, 2005

introducing Ela!

(not pictured)

name: Ela Orleans
job: stage manager
height: 180 cm
computer: Apple G5
What makes you a Builder?: "I am a painter!"
favorite thing about working with TBA: "working with nice people"
snack food of choice: croissant from Almondine and gallons of coffee

Ela says: "I like hanging with people that make me laugh."

On the bridge this morning was sleeping guy, next to the traffic of the off-ramp. I guess nobody bother him there. Nearby him was a squatting Asian man, having a smoke under the shade of a little tree. There is a sort of plaza on the Manhattan side, that used to be the site of a substantial homeless encampment until the city renovated to bridge entrance and opened the pathway on the north side of the bridge. Where the homeless people went, I know not. Perhaps sleeping man falls into that category.

Today was a sort of cue to cue rehearsal in the morning because Marianne, in a daring artistic moment, decided to change the order of some of the scenes at the end of the piece. She's a wild woman! So, there was re-cuing to happen and then by about 3:00, we were ready for a run. We suited up fully in our show clothes (also designed by Stewart Laing), makeup, accents and attitudes and got going. It looks pretty spiffy, friends and I encourage you all to try and see this amazing visual and aural banquet. And it is not just pretty either, there is content, people! Meaningful, thought-provoking and moving content. There is something for everyone.

If you are curious about where to see SUPER VISION, you can go to the web site of The Builders which is but a quick rundown of our fall engagements looks something like this:

October 13-16 Walker Center for the Arts, Minneapolis
November 2-6 Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus
November 11-13 On the Boards, Seattle
Nov 30- Dec 3 BAM Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn
December 8-10 Montclair State University, Montclair

I should mentions too that the Walker, the Wexner, BAM and Montclair State are all co-producers of this piece. We at The Builders are greatly appreciative to all the support these fine organizations have given to make this large, ambitious piece of work possible. It is no small matter to gather the necessary funding and development support to make this piece of original performance possible, and without the sustaining assistance of institutions that are brave enough to go with The Builders down the path to creation, it would not happen. These fine institutions help make it happen and we could not do it without them. Please lend your support to them and subscribe to their season or go see one more show than you think you can afford. Think of it this way, just one grande frappucino a day for a month can send you to see a whole year's worth of exciting live performance. And I won't even go into the caloric savings. It's a win-win situation folks.

Tomorrow night we do a presentation under simulated performance circumstances (live audience!) for an invited audience. I am excited and looking forward to hearing what people have to say. I will report on how it all goes. Wish us luck, though that is apparently bad luck so we shall break a leg, as the show people say.

your bridgewatcher,


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