Wednesday, October 12, 2005

live from dress rehearsal

Hello My Bloggy Friends-

I report to you live from the dress rehearsal of the world premiere of SuperVision, here at the Walker Center in Minneapolis, MN. We are way north up here and the light is beautiful, as I think I have mentioned previously. As I write to you, Tanya has just finished the opening and now we have transitioned beautifully into the first family scene starring David Pence and Kyle deCamp and the fantastic animations of dbox, the video genius of team video and a soundscape to make you weep with pleasure from Dan the Sound Man. All kinds of acting is going on and it is cool to watch it all up close and personal from my little station downstage right.

It rained a little today but we hardly noticed since we were hard at work in the dark womb of the theatre, making the magic happen. We piled in the minivan with Rizwan acting as the daddy and driving, and went to the local food co-op on the dinner break which is called The Wedge for some reason. Sounds to me like a progressive radio station but no, it is where one buys their health food and bulk items here in the Twin Cities. I have yet to venture over to the other twin yet but will make the trip to St. Paul before the week is out. On our bikes, we are free to go where the roads go and for those with mountain bikes, the off-road experience calls as well.

The folks at the Walker have been great with us and we have a terrific crew and a beautiful space. It is like this show has a perfect scale for this house. Very nice dressing rooms and green room, complete with working fridge, microwave and sink. It is comfortable here and we are loving the good treatment. Can't wait for the people to show up! Many thanks to the programming folks at the Walker who booked the show and were happy to premiere it here in this gorgeous space. And extra-special thanks for agreeing to help us out with information that plays into the show. Don't want to spoil the fun for everyone who might come see the piece so I can't say exactly what it is they gave us, but it really makes the show interesting! Thanks for taking the chance.

OK, well I gotta go get ready for my scene so I will check in later and tell you how it went. So far, the show looks great and I am really happy with how it's shaping up. Stay tuned for further developments.

Off to the dress.

your thespian,
ps-Sorry I don't have any pictures to post yet but there is a cable shortage and I don't have the wire that makes the pictures go into the computer from the digital camera. Hope to get this straightened out soon.


Anonymous glasgow gal said...

loving it Moe, i get to continue the trek with you guys even though i had to love you and leave you and return to glasgow.

keep it up!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous haas said...

Hey Moe, I just did a response to hello columblog.. anyway you can look at it and put it on as a blog ,, I would be interested in any response from the viewing audience,,, I did not know how to put it is as a blog... not too sharp at this computer stuff.. however if you can copy it and put it up as a blog that would be great.. any response to me at my email would be appreciated..

What did you think of my comments after viewing the event?

Thanks, Haas

11:03 AM  

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