Tuesday, November 08, 2005

rain city arrival

Hello from Seattle, stop number three on SUPER VISION World Tour. It is not raining. We arrived yesterday from Columbus via Delta, which I think is filing for bankruptcy? I still live under the impression established in my youth that bankruptcy is a bad thing and a shameful corporate death but apparently it is now a cheerful corporate rebirth, complete with possible federal and state bailouts. Anyway, that has nothing to do with the show, but that is the beauty/horror of the blog form. Be thankful I am not making dumb comments about famous people or something. Not too dumb anyway.

This evening we were treated to a lovely gathering at the home of Sally and Charlie Weems, the people that brought us all Marianne Weems, our director. Sally and Charlie live on an incredible houseboat in Freemont, spitting distance from headquarters of Adobe and a great barbershop called Rudy's and a statue of Lenin that was bought somewhere "behind the Iron Curtain" and transplanted to the People's Republic of Freemont. Yes, there is a food co-op too. Meanwhile, Charlie and Sally have this beautiful house that FLOATS, even though the basement is made of concrete! I know this success story of solids over liquids has something to do with displacement but I also still live under the impression established in my youth that concrete doesn't float. Please, someone explain.

The house of Sally and Charlie is lovely and comes with all the things a regular boring old land house has: bedrooms, bathrooms with all the nice plumbing, pet cat hiding under bed until intruders leave, cheese plates and very good guacamole, and very nice spirits and soft drinks. We had a lovely time in the floating house and it was such a pleasure to spend a little time with the folks who are responsible for the cheerful diabolical genius that is Marianne. Yes, there were some embarrassing stories regarding Marianne's early forays into the performativity of the downstairs playroom, but I feel the need to invoke source-reporter priviledge at this point.

I wish I had a picture to show you the twinkly night lights of Lake Washington but I do not. I will ask around and post later if I dig one up. Use your imaginations in the meantime and think of all the Builders on a comfortable concrete flotilla with that calming water smell all around as we eat smoked salmon and cheese selections and chat with the Clan Weems.

Tomorrow we get things going in the theatre. Yesterday was our day off and many of the Builders chose to explore the hamburger options of our neighborhood, Queen Anne. Directly across the intersection from our hotel is Dick's, a fine hamburger establishment and Seattle tradition. Fries and shakes and burgers. That's basically all they do and they do it right. And down the road is a somewhat more fashion-forward place called Kidd Valley, which features a veggie burger and garlic fries and Mr. Pibb soda.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

saw friday's montclair show after inadverdently missing BAM. Please tell the Box Office to get their act together on handling out of towners ;)

But the show was fab. Keep up the fine, thought provoking work.


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