Tuesday, November 29, 2005

back to the cradle

Yo yo yo Brooklyn! We are back in Brooklyn, back to the place where this show was born, once called the borough of churches, now known as the hip place to live and work. Brooklyn is the new Manhattan, only better in my opinion because its neighborhoods have not been blandified by the homogeneous creeping crud of lots of people with too much money to spend. I will stop with the Communist rant for this entry anyway.

We are all very excited to be playing SUPER VISION at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, one of the co-producers of the piece. We are performing in the beautiful Harvey Theatre, which is not in the big BAM house but a couple of blocks over on Fulton Street. The Harvey was originally called the Majestic and served downtown Brooklyn as a vaudeville house and then a movie theatre I believe for many decades but fell into disrepair In the 70's, along with the rest of New York City and was shuttered for several years before BAM bought it and renovated it in a "shabby chic" style, leaving all the old plasterwork and not attempting to renovate in the way we think of nowadays. The seats are new and nice, and the electrics and plumbing and other systems were upgraded but the old majestic quality of the theatre is intact. It feels as if the many spirits of shows gone before are lurking in the house, inhabiting their old stamping grounds and watching over us. It is really a spectacular venue.

Today was spent with actors rehearsing and watching a videotape of our last performance in Seattle and going over notes with Marianne. We could not get onto the stage today until late, as the load in was still happening, but BAM has a crackerjack crew of stagehands from the union local and under the good shepherding of Neal, Joe and Jamie,they got it up and running in record time. Because we open tomorrow, people! A fact I did not fully recognize until I was at rehearsal today. Lucky I did not schedule my liposuction for Tuesday evening like I'd originally thought! I decided to postpone it until after the holidays when there will be more to suck out, but that's another story.

So we had a long day today, as we needed to get in a run-through before tomorrow in case any major problems occurred. There were plenty of snacks backstage to get us through and since we are in downtown Brooklyn, the eating options are pretty good. Rizwan favors the Golden Crust Jamaican patty place around the corner on Flatbush. I walked by on my way to Subway (my indulgent junk food of choice) with Kyle who bravely had her first Subway with me. We checked out the Golden Crust but opted for Subway in the end. Tomorrow perhaps, the Crust.

It is late and I must get myself back to Brooklyn tomorrow on the early side so I must sign off for today's report from the front of performance-making. If you are in or near to Brooklyn, please come visit us and we will take you out for a nice piece of cheesecake at Junior's afterwards. It's just a couple of blocks down the avenue. They make a nice egg cream too.

peace, love and cholesterol,


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