Tuesday, June 13, 2006

milestones of euro touring

As everyone drifts to their various post-show corners, there are a few milestones of touring that need to be mentioned, the little things that perhaps did not make it into the blog entries, but are nonetheless worth noting. Some of these are true, some are fictional, all are affectionate.

Claire Hallereau, Tour Producer & company Manager: June 3, 2006, Madrid. Claire takes Jamie and Neal to a macrobiotic lunch and not only do they clean their plates but they do not perish, much to her astonishment.

James Gibbs, Co-creator: June 9, 2006, Salamanca. James is followed by suspicious ham leg in a supermercado. Manages to ditch it in impressive 2-aisle section of orange beverages.

Marianne Weems, Artistic Director: May 21, 2006, somewhere over the Atlantic. Marianne is subdued by air marshals after attempting to remove navagational equipment from 747, "for the next show".

Rizwan Mirza, Actor: June 2, 2006, Madrid. Rizwan completes the doner kebab trifecta, after eating at least one kebab in every country we have toured to.

Kyle Decamp, Actor: May 5, 2006, Liverpool. Kyle discovers a doorway on one of her many walks that leads to 1987.

Keith Bomely, dbox Partner: June 10, 2006, Madrid airport. Keith is refused exit from Spain until sketchy "bacon tax" is paid to customs official.

Dan Dobson, Sound Designer & Composer: May 25, 2006, Liverpool. Dan creates sound cue that silently downloads credit card information from audience members and uses it to order complete boxed set of Jethro Tull for cardholder.

Harry Sinclair, Actor: June 10, 2006. After final gig in Salamanca, Harry flies to Portland and attempts to take the Pences out for a "family dinner".

David Pence, Actor: May 5, 2006, Liverpool. Inadvertently discovers location of elusive Beatles' artifact, Paul's second girlfriend, by walking backwards down Penny Lane.

Jamie McIlhenney, Technical manager: May 4, 2006, Liverpool. Jamie witnesses fistfight in the middle of the night; some loud drunk guys vs. sleep-deprived members of the Slovakian handball team that were staying in our hotel. Blood on pavement the next morning.

Joe Silovsky, Actor & Tech Director: June 7, 2006, Salamanca. Using available spare parts and a donated kidney, Joe builds a stagehand with English and Spanish voice recognition feature.

Neal Wilkinson, Production Manager: June 6, Salamanca. Neal finds cellar where devil's magic was supposedly performed in the 15th century and is disappointed to discover it was merely devil's basement rumpus room.

Hal Eagar, Video Associate: May 27, 2006, Glasgow. Hal buys plaid skirt for "someone else" and decides to keep it for himself, claiming it is a kilt.

Jeff Morey, Video Associate: May 30, 2006, Madrid. Jeff is cruised by hunky nude statue in the Prado; becomes separated from Moe and Riz when he stops to politely refuse mobile number.

Tanya Selvaratnam, Actor: May 24, 2006, Glasgow. Tanya bums cigarette AND rice pudding off of Dan for that perfect smoky sweet goodness.

Miranda Hardy, Lighting Lady: June 7, 2006, Salamanca. Miranda carves 38 top hats for the lighting instruments out of the local sandstone.

Kim Whitener, Executive Producer. May 6, 2006, Liverpool. Kim demands refund for day tour which covered neither the liver nor the pool. Or the pool of liver.

Moe Angelos, Actor: June 7, 2006, Salamanca. Moe is first company member to use the bidet in her room, without irony.


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