Monday, May 29, 2006

a tale of two Davids

These two fine looking gentlemen are both named David Pence. The one on the left is David who is in SUPERVISION and the one on the right came all the way from Maine to see the show in Glasgow! I consider this a heroic act of support if ever there was one and if a David Pence, Jr team hat existed, I'm sure the guy on the right would have a hard time choosing between it and his beloved Red Sox cap.

It was a total pleasure having both David Pences in place for the run in Scotland and we all spent many an hour after the shows talking to David Sr about the junior and all things Pence. If we could all have such fine fathers, the world would be a much better place.

We are now all dispersed once again to the various corners of our lives, as we are in a week of in-between engagements. Claire, Rizwan, Jeff and I have all gone ahead to Spain and are now finding our way around the fabulous city of Madrid where everyone should live at least once in their lives. This is our collective opinion after less than 24 hours in the city. It is incredibly friendly and there is an absolutely fantastic street culture, which includes going to cafes and sitting around and drinking beers and talking, sitting in the many plazas and talking, wandering the streets and talking. It is muy fantastico. And everyone I have encountered is so sweet to me as I butcher their beautiful language right before their very eyes. I speak only enough Spanish to navigate the laundromat on my block in NY (though recent demographic shifts have changed the working language of doing the laundry on my street to Bulgarian) yet everyone I have had contact with has cheerfully tried to understand me. Que rico!

Our boys Jamie and Neal headed to Amsterdam, to look at this year's fine tulip crop no doubt and will meet up with us here on Saturday. The rest of the company returned to the US to their very busy lives and will rendezvous with us all on Saturday as well to make our way to Salamanca, the final leg of this European tour for the show.

Our last night in Glasgow was swell and we had a lovely show. We said our farewells to Steven, the fabulous artistic director of Tramway and Stewart, our genius set and costume designer and to Kate, our friend and assistant director. We hope we get to come back again soon and spend more time in yet another great city. Because the weather was not good for golf and I still did not have my vegetarian haggis! Though I did load up on the shortbread and I am grateful that my granny pants for the show feature an elastic waist. Once again, the genius of Stewart is apparent.

More later from Salamanca.

Love and cafe con leche,


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