Saturday, May 20, 2006

digeridoos and kangaroos

(cool picture of guy playing the digeridoo goes here)

A bit of history
This morning we were treated to a performance by the Yirra Yaakin Noongar Theatre company. To explain a bit, the Noongar are one of the many aboriginal nations that live in this part of Australia and are recognized as the custodians of the land. Yirra Yaakin means “stand tall” in the Noongar language and the Builders, along with members from La Compagnie de Hanneton from France and Teatr Piesri Kozla from Poland were given a special performance of traditional dance and stories and digeridoo in a park. The performers were all men and young boys and their portrayals of different animals were incredible. As was explained to us, “you need to know how an animal acts so you can know how to catch him”. Emus, kangaroos, birds all came to life in human form. It was truly a treat to get to meet these artists and see a bit of their work. Thanks to all the people at Yirra Yaakin who made it possible for us to have such a warm welcome.

After the show, we wandered off to find some kangaroos, which live on the little island where we were, protected by a big fence that they can’t jump over. And we found some! Australians are understandably not impressed by seeing kangaroos, as they are everywhere, but for us it was as exciting as getting a free sample of something that you really like and want. What strange looking creatures, with their big deer/mule heads and the tiny front feet that hang down their bellies and their big old jumpers on the bottom. And yes, they do jump like crazy when you get too close. These were more tame and used to people than most and we watched as a random bicycle guy stopped and went up to a little joey and petted him. Adorable! But probably not advisable treatment of the kangaroos. They are not all Winny the Pooh, Kanga and Roo, but are in fact wild animals the can rear up on their big tails and kick your lights out.

Show tonight was good, even with some technical strangeness that happened. We have been experiencg all sorts of equipment malfunctions, a lot of it due to the trip getting here which is not so kind to sensitive electronic equipment. So for any of you out there fixing to come to Australia from North America with a lot of high-end electronics, be forewarned that you must not put anything in the hold of the airplane that you want to function again once it comes out. Carry-on, is the simple answer.


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