Wednesday, February 22, 2006

under construction

Dear Readers of the Blogvision-

Due to circustances of internet access difficulties, this here blog is a little behind in the times. As head engineer, I apologize and plan to rectify the situation as soon as I (and the rest of the company) get to Wellington where I hope to have a clear line to the internet from which to post my reports.

I am right now sitting in the library housed in the former Customs House at the Circular Quay in Sydney, which is a lot nicer than the backpacker-infested internet cafes I have been prowling to do the most rudimentary of e-mail tasks. That's right, those of you paying attention, the show has moved from Montclair, New Jersey to Australia. You can basically draw a direct line between these two stops on the information-age performance circuit. Anyway, we did some lovely gigs in Perth and move on next week to Wellington, New Zealand where there is a lot more dairy in store for us as well as whole new breeds of adorable animals.

I promise to report fully from there. With pictures!

Pardon our appearance and thanks for your patience while we strive to make your blogging experience a little better.

The Management.


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