Saturday, May 20, 2006

another closing

May 6, 2006
It's our last night in the '‘Pool, as James says and we will be sad to say goodbye. Everyone has been really lovely and have showed us a good Scouser time. I forgot to mention the swell reception after the first show on Thursday. The theatre has a fabulous bar down in the basement. It's all been recently refurbrished in a comfy, armchair style and we got a nice buffet and drinks do after the show. Which was lovely because of course we are always hungry after the performance and usually end up with doner kebab in the great cities of the world. A kebab is the late-night unifying factor of western life, as far as I can tell. Slightly different in each place but essentially the same: grilled meat on bread, stick optional. But on Thursday, there were to be no middle of the night cases of indigestion for us, as we were treated to a nice array of little things to eat with your hands and drinks and conversation with the audience and folks from the cultural council.

I should mention here the amazing producer of the show, and the head honcho (honcha?) of Liverpool '’08, which is the entity that is busy highlighting all the cultural phenomenon here so that when the rest of the world shows up to see it in 2008, they will know where to look. The person that runs the show is the indomitable Robyn Archer, imported very wisely by the Liverpool people from her former gig running the arts council of Tasmania, among other things. Robyn, for those of you who have not had the pleasure, is a force of nature and one of the most jovial I have encountered. She truly loves the arts, is a great champion of expression of such and also happens to be a mean cabaret singer. Liverpool was one of the venues that commissioned this show and without its support, and that of Robyn, the Builders would not have been building. I think I speak for the entire company when I say we have been delighted to be here and show this cool city the piece it helped to create.

See you in the highlands next.



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