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May3, 2006 Liverpool, England

Reporting live from the cultural capital of Europe for the year 2008, I'd like to welcome you all to Liverpool. A few facts about our position. Liverpool is very old. Or very Olde, as some shops, or shoppes indicate on their signage. For instance, on the way back to our hotel tonight, Kim, Dan, David, Tanya and myself stopped into a pub that dates from 1726. OK, so understand this everybody, that bar was there getting people hammered before America was even invented! George Washington was just a gleam of a gleam in his grandparents'’ eyes and right down the street from where I now sit, folks were letting the merrie olde tymes roll. So, things here are old. There is even Roman stuff nearby.

Yes, the Beatles are one of this city'’s most famous exports, more popular than Jesus Christ to quote the Beatles themselves. That one got them in trouble. But that was back when rock and roll as a concept was considered the words of the devil. Now, Rock and roll has its own legitimate and quite profitable devil market. Oh, how times have changed. It is all Beatles, all the time here. You can indulge in many a Beatles tour (yes, one is called the Magical Mystery Tour), lots of Beatles merch to buy everywhere and plenty of talk about when Paul will come back next. Upon our arrival our cab driver Mick took us on the quickie tour and Tanya and Rizwan and I got to see John Lennon's house, Strawberry Field and Penny Lane. I will try and put a picture of us that we took in inevitable tourist fashion.

And there is also the Royal Court Theatre which is where we are hanging our hats for this week. It is an enormous hall in the center of town and it is apparently haunted by a guy called Lez who was once a stagehand and can be spotted on the fourth floor most reliably. I have been too busy to go find him as yet but be sure I will make the trip and report on any activities of the supernatural sort.

The Royal Court has been in various stages of disuse lately and Robyn Archer, our producer, has put her marvelous staff to the task of reviving the old lady. She is a beaut, with two balconies and a lovely proscenium arch and the tech people and staff we are working with are doing an absolutely heroic job of making the theatre a proud venue once again. It is very exciting, actually. I am charmed by the auditorium, ghosts and other more terrestrial tenants included. It is really a gem and Robyn and her goodly folks are doing a great piece of work to get the place functional and up speed once again. It is a great service to Liverpool.

The company is all present now and we spent the day doing a tech rehearsal in the space and dealing with the usual idiosyncrasies of putting the show into a new space. I would also like to extend a warm TBA welcome to the newest member of Team SV, Miranda, our new lighting lady. We finally wore dear Alan down to a nub and don't fret about his hospitalization (just kidding). Truly, Alan is off to have a normal life and we are all envious of his bold decision to join civilization by not enduring jet lag and late night dinners scavenged from mini-bars in the hotel rooms of the world. Good on ya, Alan. And welcome Miranda.

Please send all your friends in Liverpool, Manchester, Merseyside or anywhere abouts the northwest of England to see the show. And please remind them to wait and say hi afterwards if they have the stamina for a bunch of freaks from New York with very good intentions.

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