Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wild, drunken dancing

Well it had to happen sooner or later, the craziness in us was unleashed last night at the festival tent. For those of you not familiar with the practice of the festival tent, in places where there are big perfprmance festivals, there is often a big tent that is where the after-show partying takes place. The tent organized here at the Wellington Festival is a copy of an ancient one from somewhere in Germany and is called the Spiegel, I believe. It is a tent like you have never seen, with a raised wooden floor composed of lovely inlaid hardwoods and a bar and stained glass parts on the roof. Frankly, I was pressed to figure out what exactly did qualify it for tent status, as it appeared to be a solid octagonal building to me. Maybe that is what tent means in German? Let'’s just say it'’s not the kind of thing you would take with you backpacking, unless you were going with about two hundred gay men from the 1970Â's. In a word, it is fabulous.

So last night after the first show, we all ended up at the Spiegel tent, partying the breezy Wellington night away. There was a certain amount of wine and spirits involved, making all who imbibed just a little closer to the god of fabulousness and lots of crazy dancing happened. We managed to be the last to go home and by that time in the evening, we had taken over control of the music in a bloodless coup of the DJ booth and we were all dancing to music off of Rizwan'’s i-Pod. It was a night to remember, and ironically a night that I imagine is forgotten for some. But high spirits were in abundance, no matter where they came from. We had a good time! There is perhaps photographic evidence to back this up so I will try and find some backup.

Oh yeah, and the show went very, very well. We had a full house in the giant Event Centre and it was an event! I could get used to stadium seating and I see why the movie theatres are all going in that direction.


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