Thursday, June 01, 2006

la vida es sueno

I had a dream the other night, here in Madrid. So, the Builders were doing a new show and Marianne, as usual, was taking it to a new level and this show was going to be in... outer space! And this new dimension in theatre required a big, complicated mechanism that had to be built by Joe and Jamie and Neal and to top that off, it had to all happen in sub-zero temperatures.

So, there we all were, living together on some kind of scientific station on Antarctica and parked right outside where we could all see it was this huge oil tanker which housed the mechanics to make the show happen in outer space. This thing looked like some kind of oversized heating system like you would find in the basement of a huge building. Big pipes, covered in some silver protective wrapper, shot up above the deck of the tanker, spewing out steam, elecric bolts and fire at intervals.

Plus, the ocean that the tanker was in was some strange combination of salt and fresh waters so that the fresh water floated on top of the salt water and did not freeze, but the brine beneath was solid, making it possible to walk on water. Freaky.

All the company was there, pitching in with the huge amount of labor that making the show go into outer space was going to require. It was costing an incredible amount of money to make this thing happen and in the times we were not directly working on the show and using the rig, we were renting out the thing to "space magicians" to use for their shows.

I ran into Neal and Joe in the science station and I started complaining to them that the tanker was just spewing fire all day long. They explained to me that it was because we had a renter in the thing and he was apparently sort of a space magician hack and was wasting a lot of resources. When I asked what all the fire was about they explained to me that it was liquefied natural gas that had to be forced through a chamber that was filled with six feet of granulated sugar, at the rate of one and a half gallons per hour.

I have no idea what all this means, but I felt compelled to document it here on the blog. Anyone out there who understands about "space magic", please send in your knowledge. I myself know nothing, except for the part about the natural gas and the sugar.

hasta luego,


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